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MEPs have made it clear: cities have a crucial role to play in EU policy-making
03.07.2018      www.ccre.org   
CONNECT is looking for municipal expertise for Sri Lanka and Moldova
07.06.2018      platforma-dev.eu   
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must go local and leave no one behind
20.04.2018      www.nalas.eu   
The 13th NALAS General Assembly discusses important issues for local governments in South-East Europe
20.04.2018      www.nalas.eu   
Call for participants for the e-learning course in “Introduction of Gender Mainstreaming at Local Level”
25.01.2018      www.nalas.eu   

NALAS Newsletter April 2018: Gender Equality in the focus

23.04.2018     www.nalas.eu

In this edition of the Newsletter, you will read about inspiring women and men and the changes they make in their communities. You will also learn about different tools and best practices that might be used in your own context. We encourage you to try them and inform us about your successes that will be featured in our next issues.

 NALAS Newsletter April 2018