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Report: Benchmarking on Solid Waste Management in South-East Europe 2015

17.06.2017     www.nalas.eu

This Report has been prepared by the members of the Task Force on Solid Waste and Water Management (TF SWWM) of the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South East Europe (NALAS). It is the second issue and presents the progress in solid waste management of the countries in South East Europe (SEE) for 2015, comparing it to the baseline year of 2014.

The Report helps NALAS members – local government associations in the countries of SEE region to gain an independent perspective of how well the SWM is performed compared to other countries and municipalities. It clearly identifies specific areas of opportunity, prioritizes areas of improvement, sets performance expectations and monitors change at the level of SEE region. Ultimately, it is about managing solid waste in a socially, environmentally and financially responsible manner.

To download the full Report in English language

 Benchmarking on Solid Waste Management in South-East Europe 2015

Report brief in English language

  2015 SW Benchmarking Report Brief-English