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CDM - NALAS EU fund raising, Validation Workshop, Ohrid, Macedonia, 20-21. 06. '17
Report: Benchmarking on Solid Waste Management in South-East Europe 2015
17.06.2017      www.nalas.eu   
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Report: How to Improve Investment Climate at Local Level
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New edition of the Fiscal Decentralisation Indicators Report (2006-2015)
17.06.2017      www.nalas.eu   

Learn how to make your community a sustainable tourism destination

19.10.2015     www.nalas.eu

NALAS Sustainable Tourism Task Force has a new product for all SEE local governments. The Toolkit "Green Destinations of South-East Europe" helps local authorities develop and manage sustainable tourism destinations.

It will also enable the local authorities to build common understanding about sustainable tourism development on local level; it will encourage sustainable tourism planning and development and creation of common reference point for municipalities and local government associations.

With the introduction of GDSEE, NALAS is presenting a new, contemporary and advanced approach in management of sustainable tourism. This goal is achieved by integration of indicator systems such as ETIS (European Tourism indicators System) and GSTR (Global sustainable tourism review). The reason for such approach lays in the ambition for development of toolkit that would be recognized and approved as relevant system of sustainable management on global level.

To download the toolkit:

 Toolkit-Green Destinations of South-East Europe


Toolkit-Green Destinations of South-East Europe